Esdenera® was the first Indie network security vendor.

The company, Esdenera Networks GmbH, is 100% privately owned by its founder Reyk Flöter. While we’re working with respectable partners, we do not execute the agenda of another entity. There is no large enterprise, venture capitalist or government behind the scenes. Esdenera® provides what it truly believes in: independent and untainted security without compromise.

The company is registered in Hannover, the capital of Germany’s federal state of Lower Saxony. The office is in a beautiful old building in Hannover’s popular district of Linden-Mitte.

Watch our short image film for a beautiful and slightly satirical impression of our company.

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Good people, writing good code.

For the love of OpenBSD, Tech and Design.

Our team at Esdenera consists of challengers, networking enthusiasts, engineers who love OpenBSD and people who enjoy technology, but also design, culture and an unique work environment outside of the industrial mainstream.

Reyk Floeter is the owner of Esdenera® Networks

Reyk Floeter


Reyk is the owner of Esdenera Networks. He is an entrepreneur, security engineer and software hacker and also a member of the OpenBSD Project, the world’s most secure and clean operating system. He started his first company in 2002 to address the need for security and consulting services about Wireless LAN.
The company was turned into .vantronix secure systems GmbH in 2004 which became a vendor of enterprise firewalls. Together with his brother Rouven Flöter, who served as the CEO, Reyk co-lead the company as the CTO. He accomplished to kick-off and enter a global alliance partnership with HP Networking, formerly known as ProCurve, offering a switch-integrated firewalling solution to HP customers around the world. Reyk left the company in 2011 when it was sold to another company. After leaving .vantronix, Reyk continued as an independent consultant where he supported international customers in networking and security projects but also in software and product engineering based on BSD operating systems. He founded Esdenera Networks in May 2013 to address the need for next-generation networking and security solutions.

Built with OpenBSD. Project contributor.

The people of Esdenera activiely contribute to the OpenBSD project.

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Esdenera® Networks provides TNOS® as a white-label platform for security-focussed network appliances. It is a secure operating system that includes a sophisticated set of components and tools that are required by TNOS®-based products.
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Videos by Esdenera®

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